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TVS Rail Spares

TVS Rail Spares supplies over 10,000 PADS approved or railway recognised spare parts with next day delivery, powered by our innovative IT solutions for maximum supply chain efficiency. We manage more than 400 rail suppliers and deliver our solutions in the rail sector across infrastructure, signalling, rolling stock and maintenance support.

As part of TVS Supply Chain Solutions, we are a global leader in end-to-end supply chain services for various industries including automotive, beverage, health, industrial, rail, utilities, and defence markets. TVS SCS’ technology-led ethos allows us to transform supply chains by building resilience and growth-ready solutions that scale with your business. We combine our experience operating in other sectors and apply expert knowledge to our approach in the Rail sector.


Negotiation with suppliers, a category management approach and market analysis allow us to provide all our products at a competitive price. Whether you’re working on infrastructure or rolling stock projects, we ensure we provide the best value for money on all our products.


With our innovative IT solutions and approach to Supply Chain Management, we offer Free Next Day Delivery on our stocked material with above 96% availability across this range. We make it easy to do business with.


Our products are PADS approved and quality assured, underpinned by our ISO9001 certification and RISQS accredited across the relevant categories. We offer a 12-month warranty on all rail products to ensure your peace of mind.

Service Benefits

Creating a robust supply strategy that uses multiple sources of supply to negate the chance of disruption in the supply chain.
Optimisation of operational processes using automation to streamline and build a supply chain that can adapt to a rapidly changing industry.
Increased Cash Flow
Ordering what you need when you need it. Refined demand forecasting to reduce the amount of cash tied up in obsolescent stock.
Operational Efficiency
Ultimately we can build operational efficiency to give your business another function that is maximising profitability potential.

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