The Benefits of Having Your Procurement Activity Transformed by TVS SCS

Andy Lawrence - Head of Business Development

It’s been a hugely successful few years for supply chain experts TVS Supply Chain Solutions (TVS SCS). Head of Business Development Andy Lawrence highlights the benefits of having your procurement and inventory management activity transformed by TVS SCS and the future of the rail industry. 

It’s significantly more difficult to manage your supply chain effectively today than it was a few years ago. That’s a fact that we can’t hide away from – the world has changed dramatically in this period with Brexit, Covid and the War in Ukraine bringing about a different set of unique challenges. Logistics and supplier survival came to the forefront of the industry as suppliers could not meet their contract requirements due to component shortages or delayed delivery.

Supply chain resilience is now, more than ever a strategic issue, as this level of disruption has become the new normal and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The Just-In-Time model needs to be replaced by the Just-Right model.

This is where TVS SCS can benefit your organisation by transforming your supply chain. Our technology-led ethos allows us to build resilience into the supply chain through growth-ready solutions that scale with your business. We combine our experience operating in other sectors and apply expert knowledge to our approach in the rail sector.

Through analysis of your end-to-end supply chain, we make recommendations as to where efficiencies and cost savings can be made. We provide practical and experienced support to develop the steps needed to implement, embed and then drive continuous improvement in the supply chain either as an outsourced service provider or as an integral part of your existing team.  We tailor each of our solutions to meet your specific requirement.

TVS SCS can support your organisation to identify the steps needed to drive value from the supply chain.  It can include reducing ‘touch-points’ in the supply chain, optimising inventories to remove waste and taking cost out of product through strategic purchasing; while all the time ensuring high availability and uncompromising quality.

With the ability to capture and analyse data at every stage of the supply chain, TVS SCS can work with customers to identify pain points, priorities and improvement opportunities within the as-is supply chain.

This is how we can change your Supply Chain from Just in Time to Just Right, bringing the following to the forefront:

  • Management and mitigation of supply chain risk
  • Whole‑supply chain collaboration
  • Demand forecasting and transparency
  • Contract management

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