An easy to use, innovative and game changing way to buy rail spares

Following the successful launch in June, Steve Welch talks about the key vision for TVS Rail Spares and why it changes the outlook in rail infrastructure procurement.

The Rail Industry can sometimes feel like a slow-moving ship, unable to change course easily and repeating the same mistakes. What counts as innovation in the rail sector can sometimes feel quite pedestrian in other more technology-led fields.

But this article isn’t about what as an industry we get wrong, it’s about what we can do better.

We’ve launched TVS Rail Spares as a way of introducing to the rail sector some of the features that as individuals we all expect from a modern purchasing process, like online order tracking, live web pricing and availability information and free delivery.

We see the future of rail procurement as being online, like it is in other industries. TVS Rail Spares offers a unique rail specific online catalogue with more than 10,000 items available, and we will continue to grow this over the coming years.

The TVS Rail Spares brand has been based upon three key core values:

  • Easy to use – online catalogue with total transparency and no hidden costs
  • Great service – including free next day delivery on stocked items
  • Value for money – competitive pricing on a large range of material

We stock more than 2,500 items at our warehouse in Chorley, Lancashire across 37 different product categories including Signalling, OLE, Telecoms, Consumables, Tools and Safety & PPE. Our service consolidates material from over 400 suppliers and makes it easy to get the key rail spares equipment that you need, when you need it.

Since I joined TVS Supply Chain Solutions in March 2023, I’ve been amazed at the capability and potential that existed in the business. I believe that we can utilise that supply chain excellence and bring about the benefits for the wider rail industry through TVS Rail Spares.

We’re delighted to continue the journey towards a more innovative supply chain and hope you can join us on the journey.

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