TVS SCS part of Clean Futures Accelerator

The conclusion of year one of the Clean Futures Accelerator programme – and launch of applications for a second cohort – was marked with two showcase events in Dudley and Coventry which TVS SCS were involved with.

On the panel at BCIMO was Andy Lawrence, the head of business development at TVS Supply Chain Solutions, a specialist supply chain and logistics provider in the UK rail sector. He cautioned that the rail sector can get “bogged down thinking that innovation has to be about new technology” and urged a focus instead on “the simple things that can be changed. Sometimes you don’t have to spend a fortune in research and development; innovation could be a simplifying and streamlining of processes.” 

Andy explained that his company works closely with Network Rail, and is fortunate to have an opportunity to work closely with the client in terms of the suppliers they work with, and the products they buy to see whether innovative new ideas could be brought to the table. 

“Being a partner with all of you here,” he told the audience in Dudley, “gives us the opportunity to be a shop window for UK rail and showcase innovation that can be of future benefit across the entire rail spectrum.” 

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